As my exams are finally over (*cheers !) , I really needed time to enjoy a little getaway with my love one. We decided to go for Rotterdam, a city I wanted to discover for a while, particularly for its architecture, and easy to go by car. 

Talking about architecture, I would indeed choose the word “architectural” to summarize Rotterdam. Buildings there are crazy, it is a mix and match of different styles and I’ve been so amazed by it. As you maybe know, the city has been destroyed during WWII, and became a place for architectural experimentations.

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Nevertheless, Rotterdam is not only about architecture. It is above all an important haven, and an great place to eat, shop or just sit back and relax. It gave us such chill vibes, and I really liked the contrast between the modern buildings and the old boats, the fancy and the vintage streets. Kind of lost between past and present…

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De Oude Haven

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So here is a glimpse of my romantic weekend trough few pictures, with the places I visited, the hôtel where I stayed, and of course some delicious hotspots where to eat.

1. The James Hôtel

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Spent one night in this fabulous room with its classy and golden touch decoration. Well, I simply fell in love with this hôtel actually. Cosy and perfectly located in the Center, I would recommend it for couples.

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2. A little cruise in the haven

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To start the day, we enjoyed a peaceful little cruise with Spido during 1h15, trough the haven of Rotterdam. I have always liked to go on boat, and it was a nice way to enjoy the view of the famous Erasmus bridge ! 

Price : 13,25 euros

More informations :

3. The Markthal


You can’t go to Rotterdam without passing by the Markthal. So arty and colourful this ceiling ! But this cover market is specially about food. Food is everywhere, so no time to be hungry ;). I ate a super delicious sandwich there for lunch, in one of the little shop, named “le Perron”.

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4. The Kubuswoningen

Probably the most famous landmark of the city, these original yellow cube houses have been designed by the architect Piet Blom. It is possible to visit one of them, but just starring at it, is already amazing. 

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A house is like love…Love is the roof of the city

5. The Euromast

The Euromast is the higher tower of the Netherlands. Here you can enjoy a remarkable 360° panoramic view of the city, 185 m up above the ground. It didn’t look so high at first sight but once you are at the top… 

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View from the Euromast

Price : 9,75 euros. (*little tip, you can buy a combine ticket with the Spido cruise for  20 euros) 

More informations :

6. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

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As an art lover, I can’t go to a city without visiting at least one museum. There are many museum in Rotterdam but for my first time there, I choose the big Boijmans van Beuningen and didn’t regret it. Amazing artists are exhibited and it is really interesting. You can admire many masterpieces from Middle Ages to Now. “The infinity mirrors” installation from Yayoi Kusama was particularly cool ! 

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The infinity mirrors

Price : 17,5 euro (yes expensive indeed, but fortunately for students it is 8,75 euros)

More informations :

7. Tasty places

Going to end with 3 hotspots places I experienced :

  • Aloha Rotterdam

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This was an ancient aquapark, and now rebuilt as a bar and a restaurant where you can feel some tropical vibes. Not the best cocktails I’ve ever drunk, but the view front of the water is amazing !

  • Dudok

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At few minutes by foot from our hotel, Dudok is a chill place to eat, especially for a tasty beakfast. I paid 12,5 euros for a formule including fresh orange juice, american pancakes, croissants, bread, avocado, poached egg, ham and cheese. You can find the complete menu on

  • Witte de Withstraat



I can’t remember the name of the bar where I enjoyed this drink, but it was located in the bustling and arty street “Witte de Withstraat” where you can find full of trendy bars to get some food or have a little drink. A must do !

Inspired ? I can just say that Rotterdam is 100% worth it !

I will add that moving in the city is very easy because everything is very close by foot. You can also rent bikes, or another super fun way I experienced is the water taxi! Quick to move from one shore of the New Maas to another (price is more or less 4,5 euros).

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View from the water taxi
Because an image is worth thousand words, I finally close this travel post with one picture filled with a  beautiful view, happiness, smile and red lipstick.  
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From Rotterdam with love



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